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Welcome To Your Fantasy (2021)

In the 1980s, the "male exotic dancers" of Chippendales were everywhere: on beefcake calendars and daytime TV, gyrating on stages across the world in their signature cuffs, and collars and spandex pants. But behind the powerful mullets, oiled pecs and g-strings stuffed with bills lies a much darker story. 

With over one hundred hours of archival footage, sixty-plus interviews with investigators, co-conspirators, former dancers and the women who loved them, historian Natalia Petrzela exposes one of the great, sordid, unexamined stories in American culture.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify

Instagram: @chippendalesrevealed


Host - Natalia Petrzela

Senior Producer - Eleanor Kagan

Producer - Christine Driscoll

Associate Producer - Erin Kelly

Consulting Producers - Natalia Petrzela, Nicole Hemmer, Neil J. Young

Editors - Joel Lovell, Maddy Sprung-Keyser, Collin Campbell

Executive Producers - Jenna Weiss-Berman, Max Linsky, Lydia Polgreen

Engineering/Sound Design/Additional composing - Hannis Brown 

Fact-checker - Ben Phelan

Original Music - Daoud Anthony

Music Supervision - Jasmine Flott

Artwork - Lindsay Mound, Elise Harven

Operations Manager - Grace Chen

Social Media - Khadim Dieng

Select Press

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