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want to make a podcast?

You should! It's fun and a lot of work.

This page is a work in progress, a continually-expanding collection of resources about making podcasts. Take a spin through what's here to see if you can find an answer to your question. In most cases, I think you will.


If I haven't covered your particular question, and if you are a company with a budget, I do offer consulting services, though I may not always have the availability to do so. Please email me to inquire about my rates. 

If you are an individual who is underrepresented in the audio industry and you’re looking for a mentor, email me. I may not always have availability, but if that's the case I will try to connect you with someone great who does.

how do i find people to hire?


POC in Audio Database

Pod People

Air Media Job Board and Talent* Database (and also refer to AIR's Rate Guides to know what you should be prepared to pay them)

*Note: I and many others think of "talent" as referring to people who work in all roles in podcasting, not just hosts. Everyone is talented! 

What equipment should i use?


I really like Misha's equipment section (full guide linked under "general resources")

Transom's gear guides have always been my go-tos

Here's an article I wrote for TechCrunch about the particular gear I used while making Welcome To Your Fantasy (this is a whole series)

I love Story Mechanics' remote/home recording guide. I'll send this to an interviewee if I'm talking to them over Zoom or the phone, and I want them to record their side of the conversation (this is called a "self sync").

What else should I read and think about?

"All Stories Are Stories About Power" by Chenjerai Kumanyika and Sandhya Dirks for Third Coast

"Enough with the mic pics: They’re missing the point" by Julia Barton for Current

"All Quests Are Quests About Power" by the Transmitter Media staff including James T. Green, Jordan Bailey, Alice Wilder, Gretta Cohn, Sara Nics, Dan O’Donnell, Shoshi Schmuluvitz, and Alex Stuster-Kim

"Guess I Gotta Write This Goddamn Diversity Article Again" by Stephanie Foo for Transom

Lewis Raven Wallace's Manifesto for Transom about power, privilege, and objectivity in journalism

"Hold up! Time For An Explanatory Comma" by NPR's Code Switch

"There’s No Such Thing As A Podcast Emergency" by Agerenesh Ashagre

"Ghostwriting" by Alex Stuster-Kim

"99% Invisible Podcast’s Brilliant Response to Criticism of Women’s Voices" by Elan Morgan



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