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I am a producer, audio-maker, and storyteller who strives to build communities with my work, whether it's through audio (podcasts, radio), live events, or public enthusiasm. My pronouns are she/her.

I've worked for public radio outlets like National Public Radio, NPR Music, and WFUV. I served as BuzzFeed's Director of Audio and spearheaded several critically-acclaimed podcasts including Another Round, See Something Say Something, and Thirst Aid Kit. I've produced more than 100 live events in three countries. While on staff at Pineapple Street Studios, I produced several documentary series, including  Julie (which I also hosted) and Welcome To Your Fantasy. My latest projects are This Is Dating, and Immaterial, made in partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

It's important to me to demystify the process of how podcasts get made, and the time, energy, care, work, and experience that goes into them. There's too much misinformation about this art form — that it's easy, cheap, and all you need is a microphone and an idea — that leads to understaffed teams, underpaid workers, undervalued work, and widespread inequality in the audio industry.

I also co-teach a course called "Podcasting Through History," about how to use audio to explore and analyze history alongside Dr. Natalia Petrzela at the New School.

I live on Lenapehoking land in Brooklyn, NY. I spend some of my time sewing clothes, looking at birds, and correcting people who confuse me with the Supreme Court Justice.